Tyranny of Distance

147 Union Street, Windsor
03 9525 1005


  • “Duck” Roti Rolls
  • Loaded Nachos
  • Massaman “Chicken” Curry
  • Classic American Cheeseburger

The Good

We were off to a fantastic start to our Vegan feast with the Duck Roti Rolls. Coming highly recommended by our server, the sweet soy roasted “duck” was incredibly juicy and carried a beautiful sweet sensation. Wrapped in a light, fluffy roti that was warm and pillowy, and combined with spinach and bean sprouts, this very Asian starter certainly enticed our tastebuds.

We also enjoyed the Loaded Nachos. Piled high on top of a hot plate, the mountain of toppings on were generous and absolutely sensational. The house blend of spiced beans created an earthy, hearty sensation to create the mince “beef”. Meanwhile, the Char-Grilled corn and spring onion added a touch of light refreshing sweetness. Combined with a healthy helping of avocado and held together by melted “cheese” all served on giant crispy pieces of fried gyoza skin, this unconventional nacho did not disappoint one bit.

The highlight of our mains must be the Massaman Chicken Curry. The rich, nutty Massaman Curry sauce was simply flawless, packing a good amount of spices and heat, whole delivering a bold, full flavour. Within, the pieces of “chicken” were sizeable and was exhibited a rather bouncy yet tender texture. While the consistency of their “chicken” didn’t quite mimic ordinary chicken protein, the flavours of this curry were definitely spot on, and was beautifully paired with a refreshing Asian slaw and a bowl of Jasmine rice.

We also enjoyed the Classic American Cheeseburger. Appearing no different than any cheeseburger one would expect, the fluffy buns held together an inner patty made of “beef”. The patty was incredibly soft and juicy, perhaps overly so, though very well seasoned and delivered a flavoursome hit. Nicely paired with classic garnishes like pickles, tomato, and “cheese” and all served in an incredibly soft and fluffy bun, this was a vegan burger that tasted every bit as good as the original.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Tyranny of Distance was undoubtedly the best vegan restaurant we’ve visited to date. Sporting a a fully vegan menu that seemingly offers no-compromise, we were in for an incredibly tasty experience, closely mimicking their original meat counterparts, which in fact it’s become more and more difficult to distinguish.

Seriously, why butcher animals when the plant based options taste just as good?!

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Most definitely!

Penguineats would like to thank Tyranny of Distance for inviting us.

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