Chicken N Beer

297 Bridge Road, Richmond
03 9428 0580
American, Bar Food


  • Tasting Platter
  • With 3X Spare Ribs, Delights, Buffalo Wings, Skinny Poatoes, Popcorn Chicken, Chips, Salad
  • Chicken And Waffles
  • Deep Fried Whole Chicken
  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Long Island Ice Tea

The Good

We started off with the Tasting Platter, which consists of a plethora of fried and grilled chicken, along with a side of salad or chips. We chose both of course. With a few pieces of everything, it is ideal for sharing between parties of two to four, two if you are ambitious.

The highlight of the platter, and universally received the highest praises was the popcorn chicken. Enclosed within the incredibly crunchy and flavourful outer, the chicken protein within was well seasoned and exceptionally tender. With each bite, the crunch of the golden brown batter, with just the right thickness, perfectly juxtaposed the soft and succulent inner. Dipping it into your choice of chilli mayo or sweet chilli sauces added an additional kick to the already tasty bite size gems.

We also enjoyed the fried chicken ribs. With a well seasoned batter that simply crumbled, the protein within was cooked to perfection. The thin, juicy protein combined with the chilli mayo, these ribs were finger licking good.

The chips were another highlight. The crunchy outer skin enclosed some of the fluffiest and softest post less we have ever sampled. The pillowy sensation of each bite, contrasted by the crunch of the well seasoned outer, made for an incredible snack.

Being an American inspired fried chicken joint, no meal is complete without chicken and waffles, and damn did they deliver! The salty, crumbed fried chicken with an exceptionally flakey exterior was perfectly juxtaposed by the soft buttery waffles and the sweetness of the maple syrup and dusting sugar. The chicken within was once again fried to perfection, just so tender and juicy. With the chicken exceptional in every way, the only gripe we have would be the house made waffles themselves, which could be a tad crispier.

The main act was of course the whole Deep Fried Chicken, and it was no less impressive than what's been plated up thus far. With an assortment of pieces including drumsticks, wings, maryland and breast, each piece was coated with a flakey, crumbly batter that was well seasoned without being overpowering. Biting into each piece, the juices almost squirted out at you. While the drumsticks, wings and maryland cuts were all cooked to perfection and exceptionally juicy and tender, we found the breast pieces slightly tougher than others.

Rounding up the evening, we were offered the Chocolate Brownies for dessert. Home made from scratch, the brownies were exceedingly rich and fudgey. The outer provided a slight crunch, contrasting an exceptionally melty and runny inner. While I personally enjoyed the chocolatey richness and melted texture, others thought it needed a slightly longer bake in the oven to give it a firmer feel. Never mind that though as I happily devoured a whole one by myself. A perfect conclusion to the evening in my books.

The Mediocre

While the Chicken Wing Delights and Buffalo Wings both had a bold and tasty sauce coating the outer, the flavour didn't quite permeate throughout the inner protein. A longer marination process would've helped with ensuring that the flavour can be fully appreciated.

The Bad


The Verdict

The dishes tonight at Chicken N Beer definitely did the name justice. Given owner Johnny's background originates from being a poultry butcher, it was no surprise that the produce used was exceptionally fresh, and of the highest quality.

The use of free roaming and free range chicken, coupled with meticulous and near flawless execution, the fried chicken we sampled tonight was undoubtedly some of the best we've ever come across, and will remain so for a very long time to come.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Most definitely! With specials running almost every day of the week promoting different cuts of fried chicken, I simply can't wait to return for All You Can Eat Sunday's....

We would like to thank owner Johnny for hosting the event at Chicken N Beer, and we excitedly anticipate the relaunch, with a new menu and a loungey, laid-back decor.

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