Mum’s Burger Kitchen

Boronia Village, Shop 5, 159 Boronia Road, Boronia
03 9761 3363


  • Barbara
  • Simpson

The Good

The Barbara was surprisingly delicious. The beef patty was generously thick, packed with lightly seasoned, quality ground beef that made for a juicy and aromatic experience. Cooked on a charcoal grill, a beautiful yet subtle hint of charcoal aroma permeated throughout the already flavourful beef patty. With a slice of melted cheese on top, this formed a pretty great basis for a cheeseburger. The salads were exceedingly fresh, providing great crunch and juxtaposed the melted cheese. One outstanding component was the pumpkin, which was mashed and smeared on the top half of the brioche bun. Being served cold, this provided an air of freshness and 'healthyness' to the whole burger. But let's be honest, this was by no means healthy....

The Mediocre

While appearing absolutely phenomenal, in all its glory of a tower of bacon, melted cheese and fried Mac and Cheese, the taste of the Simpson just failed to deliver. The patty here, while still thick and juicy, was overly salty. Sandwiched between was the Fried Mac and Cheese, which turned out to be rather bland and useless, with the soft mushy macaroni providing little in terms of taste or texture. The melted cheese on top of the patty also failed to provide much flavour. Without much other ingredients within, the burger tasted mostly of salty, creamy bacon. Which I am totally fine with, but probably not in a burger.

While the brioche buns holding both burgers were extremely rich in buttery flavour, oddly enough, they were also rather chewy and tended to stick to your teeth. I think I prefer a slightly lighter, airy-er bun with my burgers.

The Bad


The Verdict

Overall, it was a half-decent burger joint. The Barbara was definitely enjoyable, though the Simpson left a lot to be desired.

In saying that though, I won't be adverse to try their other burgers.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Sure, if I am in the area, I'd definitely give their other burgers a try. Otherwise though, I still ponder whether it was worth the trek out to the far East for this meal....

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