• Black Bean Stir Fry
  • Tumeric Laksa
  • Herbal Noodle Soup

The Good

The Tumeric Laksa definitely packed a punch. Heavily spiced and with a tonne of chilli, this totally made me reminisnce of the many laksas I devoured in Malaysia. The taste is highly authentic and, with the spice, made for an incredibly appetising meal.

I also particularly enjoyed the Herbal Soup. Don't be put off by the 'herbal' description, because the richness of the mushroom flavour totally stole the show, and you can sense a hint of ginseng along with it. No it's not Chinese medicine, think of it like an Asian mushroom soup that provides a great depth in flavour.

The favourite though, was no doubt the Black Bean Stir Fry. With a tad of sweetness, the black bean flavour was highly aromatic and you could smell it a mile away when preparing it. Meant to be served dry, the soy and black bean flavour was bold and forward. Garnished with some Bok Choy on the side, this made for a rather authentic Asian experience.

The Mediocre

It wouldn't hurt if those beautiful, flavourful soup packs came with some actual discernable chunks of ingredients, much like those that come with canned soups.

The Bad


The Verdict

The flavour and taste of these convenient noodle packs were absolutely spot-on. Made in Malaysia, these fresh, saucey soup packs provided an authentic taste when combined with traditional, healthy noodles. With two packets of noodles within one box, you definitely won't be left hungry, though I can't promise you won't crave for more...

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Absolutely. Healthy and made with wholesome and real ingredients, I'd happily devour more of these on lazy, homely days at home. Though these would work rather well for a quick work lunch too...

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