Shop 16, 309-325 Bourke Street, Melbourne
03 9663 5885
Burger, Thai


  • Thaiger Fried Chicken Wings
  • Thaiger Double Decker
  • Chips

The Good

The Double Decker was rather delicious despite looking exceedingly sloppy once opening the box. Each bite was rewarded with rich beef flavour, cheesey goodness which went rather well with the crispy fried bacon. The beef patties were of decent quality and were noticeably bouncy which gave a springy feedback with each chomp down. I actually rather enjoyed the ssuce, which the burger was drenched in, as it didn’t overpower but instead complemented the burger and added great flavour.

The chips were surprisingly crunchy and survived the delivery trip rather well. Appearing to be double fried, the outer skin offered a great crunch which contrasted the inner soft potatoes nicely.

The Mediocre

The chicken wings, which I admittedly were ordered by mistake, were a far cry from other fried chicken joints. Choosing “Thaiger Original” essentially meant that the batter was completely plain and devoid of any seasoning or spices. While plentiful, the wings were also noticeably small which made for loads of bones and not much meat. No it wasn’t bad by any measure, just underwhelming.

The Bad


The Verdict

Overall a rather decent meal and I’m very pleasantly surprised how well the food survived the delivery trip. Unsurprisingly, the highlight of course was the burger given the unique flavours, quality ingredients and flawless execution.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Burgers? Undoubtedly and I’d be back in a heartbeat. I’m gonna stay away from the wings though.

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