Mama’s Kitchen (Black Rock)

15 Bluff Road, Black Rock
03 9589 7002
Burger, Fast Food, Pizza


  • Mama’s Burger
  • Chicken Parma Burger
  • Grilled Atlantic Salmon

The Good

The Miso Salmon was perhaps the most beautifully prepared piece of fish I’ve ever had. The slight charring on the outer skin contrasted well with the buttery smooth inner, where the exceedingly juicy and tender protein literally melted away in your mouth with each bite. The Miso flavour was forward and aromatic, and permeated through the beautifully fresh taste of salmon without being overbearing. The flavour profile and balance in texture was simply divine and just begged for a second bite.

The veggies on the side were cooked equally well. Fresh, soft yet containing great crunch. With a tad of seasoning, this was a great alternative to salad that’s extremely healthy but palatable.

The Mama’s Burger certainly didn’t disappoint either. Enclosed within the lightly toasted brioche buns were a huge stack of quality ingredients piled high, with the star of the show being that massive home-made beef patty. Biting into it revealed a perfectly cooked, nicely seasoned, juicy patty made of high quality and flavourful mince. Mama’s special sauce certainly added great flavour without throwing things out of balance and as a result the burger was held together rather well.

The Mediocre

The Parma Burger appeared extremely promising and I had such high hopes for it. Unfortunately it was not meant to be. While all the critical components of a Parma and a burger were all present, I felt the concept as a whole didn’t quite work out as planned. The Parma itself was a thick and juicy piece of breast with just the right amount of crumbs. Napoli was applied liberally on top and in-between the cheese was a slice of ham. Due to being sandwiched in a bun, the crumbs had gone a tad soggy by the time we attempted this giant. This was literally taking a whole full size Parma off a plate and throwing it into a burger, along with salad and all. Being a Parma lover, I think the only reason this didn’t really do it for me was due to the skewed bun to meat ratio, namely the bun felt a bit much when combined with the Parma crumbs.

The Bad


The Verdict

Overall a rather delicious meal, where surprisingly, the highlight was the salmon.

Was Mama’s Boy THE best burger? Probably not, but it certainly didn’t disappoint and that thick juicy beef patty sure was one of the best patties I’ve had, burger or not.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Absolutely. If for nothing else, it’s definitely worth the trek down just to try their Miso Salmon, as I dare say it ranks amongst the best of any fine dining establishment.

I am incredibly thankful to have been invited to try Georgia’s secret recipes and beautiful cooking.

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