Gorilla Grill

36 Edgewater Boulevard, Maribyrnong
03 9317 0810
American, Asian, BBQ


  • King Kong Burger
  • Kristy Burger
  • Kim Cheese Fries
  • Pork Taco

The Good

The Krusty Burger was quite enjoyable and was probably the highlight of the evening. The fried chicken was nicely battered and carried a great crunch. The use of dark meat ensured that the protein remained tender and juicy. This was complemented rather well with the fried bacon, sauces and various greens. All sandwiched between a fresh spongy brioche, this made for a pretty palatable Fried Chicken Burger.

The Mediocre

The Kim Cheese Fries were passable although unspectacular. The kimchi was plentiful and provided great flavour. Disappointingly, it was definitely lacking in cheese, quality and quantity, which was the headline of the dish. Given the delay between when the potatoes were fished out of the fryer and when it was actually plated up, it’s no surprise that the fries were definitely on the soggy side. A tad lackluster but tasted fine nonetheless.

The King Kong burger was also “just fine”. Beef patties were very well done but managed to retain decent flavour. As such, all the juiciness of the beef was unfortunately lost. The cheese wasn’t particularly flavourful nor was the bacon thick cut. Coupled with the complete lack of barbeque sauce (which was listed on the menu), this made for a very mediocre and dry burger which made it hard to chomp down.

The Bad

The Pork Taco was downright terrible. The tiny amounts of mince was overfried and exceedingly greasy. The salad on top was completely drenched in mayo. All wrapped in a cold, lifeless tortilla made for a rather unpleasant experience.

I also attempted to enquire about the complete lack off sauce in the King Kong, and even proceeded to peel apart each layer of the burger displaying this fact to the staff. Unfortunately, “no we did not forget” was the response.

Nothing I hate more than people trying to cover up their mistakes. Barbeque sauce tastes very distinct and it’s very clearly they missed putting it on. Just own up to it and cut the BS.

The Verdict

Overall a lackluster and honestly disappointing experience. I was totally excited to smash the King Kong but this turned out much too dry, with the chicken burger turning out to be a better choice.

The whole eatery also seems rather unfocused (I seriously struggle to connect the dots between Ribs, Burgers, Asian tacos, Gorilla mascot and sneakers on the wall?!) Unsurprisingly, the resulting menu is disoriented and unspectacular.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

I might be back if and only if I was desperate for a burger when in the area. Otherwise, the burger game in Melbourne is much too strong and I’d have to give these guys a miss.

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