Third Wave Cafe (Port Melbourne)

Shop 1, 189 Rouse Street, Port Melbourne
03 8658 2295
American, BBQ


  • Beef Brisket
  • Smoked Lamb Burger

The Good


The Mediocre

The Beef Brisket was passable I guess. While the smokey aroma and the flavour of the beef itself was well balanced and pleasant, the same couldn’t be said for the texture of the protein. The meat ranged from soft and too fatty, to extremely dry, chewy and and tough. All this inconsistency just on one piece of brisket. This is far from the ‘soft and delicate’ as described on the menu.

We also didn’t receive the “Spicy iQ BBQ” sauce along with the brisket. I guess this was just as well because the Horseradish Sauce tasted like a Wasabi Mayonnaise that completely ruined the flavour of the brisket.

The Bad

The Smoked Lamb Burger was a huge disappointment. There was absolutely no balance in flavours due to being overloaded with sauces. The goodness of the lamb itself was complete and utterly masked by the basil and rosemary sauces. The Aged Cheddar also lacked any substance in terms of flavour and was purely a looker. Also, the laziness in the way this burger was put together simply cannot be ignored which resulted in a huge, unseparated stack of onions concentrated in one spot. The spiciness from the raw onions just in that one bite was highly unpleasant. Disgusting.

The waitress also got the Smoked Lamb Burger order wrong. I mean come on! We only ordered two items….

The Verdict

Overall, between the highly unspectacular food, the missing components, the wrong order, and the laziness of the food prep, it wasn’t a good experience to say the least.

Having heard so much, and been wanting to visit Third Wave for so long, I am sorely disappointed by this meal. Food quality was sub-par, and the staff REALLY needs to get their shit together.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Highly unlikely, unless I am assured that there are significant changes made, as I don’t believe they respect either the food, or their customers.

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