Mörk Chocolate Brew House

150 Errol Street, North Melbourne
03 9328 1386
Coffee and Tea, Desserts


  • Campfire Chocolate
  • A Chocolate Bar
  • Even Darker

The Good

The theatrical factor was strong with this one. From the “palate-cleansing, vanilla infused, carbonated” water to the chocolate block that was “just for texture”. The additional faffing about of pouring hot chocolate into a glass of smoke and stirring with a marshmallow is what draws people to this place I guess, cause the Good ends here.

The Mediocre

The smoke provided interesting flavour to the chocolate and the flavours complemented it well. However it was all a bit too much when combined with the salt and marshmallow, which became a sensory overload of smokey, salty, and sweet.

The Hazelnut sauce was delicious initially, but gradually became too sickeningly sweet and unpleasant.

The Bad

The chocolates. They were not nice. At all.

Not only were they all too watery, lacking in both thickness and milkiness, they also weak on flavour. Yes. Even that “even darker” one.

The lack of depth in flavour combined with the watery texture resulted in a lackluster hot chocolate that can’t be masked by the theatrical smoke nor the sweet hazelnut sauce.

I would rate this chocolate a grade above the powdery stuff you can buy at any supermarket, however not by much.

The Verdict

Overall a disappointing experience, one that I initially had high hopes for.

Just making things fancy without having a good foundation almost never turns out well, which is what has occurred here.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Absolutely not. I would MUCH rather Koko Black or even Ganache. Any day of the week.

Penguin Rates

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