Pidapipó (Windsor)

85 Chapel Street, Windsor Desserts, Ice Cream


  • Hazelnut
  • Pistachio
  • Coffee
  • Waffle Cone

The Good

The hazelnut once again didn’t disappoint. I still maintain its the best thing that’s ever come out of this gelateria. Hazelnut flavour came through strong and bold, mixed with just the right amount of cream made for an extraordinary gelato in both flavour and texture.

The pistachio was just as delicious and had all the qualities of the Hazelnut. One thing lacking was the creaminess though that could’ve brought it home.

The Mediocre

The coffee gelato was flavourful and aromatic, however the flavour was super strong on this occasion, and definitely overpowered all else when eaten together. While it was not unpleasant, this flavour wasn’t appealing to me in this occasion. Can’t put my finger on the exact reason but it just felt out of balance, in terms of the coffee and the creaminess.

The Bad

The line. Wow. Was that a long wait.

The Verdict

Unsurprisingly a delicious gelato from Pipdapipo. I might avoid the coffee flavour next time though and stick with more traditional flavours.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Absolutely. Still my favourite Italian gelateria so far in Melbourne.

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