Circa 900 Pizzeria Napoletana

321 High Street, Kew
03 9853 5155
Italian, Pizza


  • Vesuvio Pizza
  • Scugnizz Pizza w/ Buffalo Mozzarella D.O.P.
  • Lasaga Classica
  • Linguine alla pescatora

The Good

Nothing much. Service was friendly, very warm and very Italian.

The Mediocre

The lasagne was probably the best part of the whole meal, and that was extremely ordinary. The lasagne sheets were too soft and soggy. The bolognese sauce leaned on the sour side. There was a distinct lack of bechamel sauce. The only saviour was the cheese, which was flavorful and plentiful.

The Bad

The pizza bases were completely wrong and unauthentic. Both pizza bases were soft, soggy and chewy, akin to eating a piece of bread rather than a crunchy and thin crust one would expect on an authentic Italian pizza.

All the meats were overall very salty, with the pancetta exceedingly so. The saltiness overpowered everything so much so that no other flavours can be tasted, which totally destroyed the whole pizza. The prosciutto was sadly also devoid of any flavours of meat.

The non-meat toppings, namely the capsicum, onions and mushrooms were not fresh. The Napoli base was applied so sparingly that there was barely any flavours of tomato.

It was apparent that no thoughts nor love was given when cooking up the linguini, since literally anyone at home with a jar of sauce can cook up something better than this. The so-called sauce was pretty much just watered down cream with a bit of oil. The seafood was old, frozen and tasted every bit like so. The clams and mussels weren’t cleaned. The prawn was mushy and chewy. Disgusting dish to say the least.

The Verdict

Overall a highly disappointing meal given the various certifications that they hold for authentic Italian pizza.

The real kicker was the poor ingredients, namely the frozen, old and disgusting seafood and the salty, otherwise tasteless cured meats.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

I wanted to like this place. I really did. In fact it has been on my to-go list for a while. Shame on you though Circa900. It is clear that the pasta was a blatant ripoff and deserve to have your certifications removed given how poor and unauthentic pizzas turned out.

I am truly ashamed to have celebrated Mother’s Day here and have my mum eat this disgusting meal.

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